Ako neobdivujem nočné sovy. Ľudia neblbnite.

It’s getting pretty late.

You are sitting in front of your computer trying to finish that last task you had scheduled for today. You look out from the window and notice it’s already dark outside. Not I-can-still-see-the-sunset-behind-the-hill kind of dark. More like absolute darkness, the one where nothing good happens.

The only source of dim light are your neighbours organizing a party and you can also hear this homeless woman going through the trash cans in your backyard. All the others fell asleep a long time ago.

But you are better than the majority. You are working on this particular task you scheduled three days ago. And once you finish it, you can tick the last box in your to-do-list and finally go to sleep. It does not matter that it’s already 3 AM since tomorrow, you can sleep till noon. Besides, you’ve finished everything you had planned, so this is a successful day, right?

Guess what. Late owls are not heroes.

And you can tell me hundred times that you don’t mind working late. You’re more productive when it’s so late, you said? You like when everyone’s asleep? You tend to deliver better results while working at night? Nice.

Let’s look at the science here.

This study has proven that early risers tend to be more proactive, agreeable and conscientious, whereas this and this one showed that they also procrastinate less.

That means that they have lesser work problems and also live a happier life in general (Wait, it was this one — it’s getting confusing with all the sources. I can find even more, but if you search in academic journals, 99 percent of sources will show you the similar results).

It’s essential to add that all the finding are statistically significant. Meaning — it’s not a coincidence. Early risers simply tend to outperform the night owls in almost everything.

It’s not about who goes to sleep the very last. It’s about those who wake up first that are heroes.

” Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” — Benjamin Franklin

Good night my friends. It’s already 10PM and I have a morning to catch.