Ako som prehral svoj boj predtým ako som ho vôbec začal

The alarm beeped at its usual time (6:00 am) and I knew it was way too soon. Like always, I jumped out of bed to shut it down. The silence occured.

Now’s the moment of truth. The dilemma of just-awoken one. “Should I return to bed or start doing things?“

I have so much stuff planned for today that every second counts.. I know I cannot allow myself to return to bed. Not today.

I shamble to kitchen to prepare my morning coffee. While I am waiting for the water to boil, I close my eyes and try to use those 30 seconds for additional sleep. Didn’t help. Plus, when I grab my favourite mug and shamble back to my room, I must look like a zombie.

“How many hours have I slept last night?” — I ask myself. I look at sleep statistics from my fitness tracker. 5 hours 11 minutes. According to data from various researches, people need to sleep at least 8 to 9.5 hours in order to be happy and productive the next day.

When I sit at the table, I take out my planning notebook and try to think straight about the daily agenda. The lack of sleep makes it impossible. My mind constantly wanders and I cannot really focus. And it’s just the easiest of all tasks. Bummer.

I realize the day has not even started and I’ve already lost.