Najlepšie ekonomické knihy

Ekonomické klasiky

50 Economics Ideas You Really Need to Know, Edmund Conway, 2015, 3/5
Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith, 2015, 5/5
Capitalism and Freedom, Milton Friedman
The Road to Serfdom, Friedrich Hayek
The Sovereign Individual, James Dale Davidson, William Rees-Mogg
The Visible Hand, Alfred Chandler
Theory of Economic Development, Joseph Schumpeter
Human Action, Ludwig von Mises
Sublime Object of Ideology, Slavoj Zizek
National Economic Planning, Don Lavoie
The Governance of China, Xi Jinping

Novodobá ekonómia

Principles of Microeconomics, Gregory Mankiw, 2015, 5/5 ⭐
Principles of Macroeconomics, Gregory Mankiw, 2015, 5/5
Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle, Dan Senor, 5/5
Freakonomics, Steven D. Levitt, 2017, 4/5
Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow's Big Changes, Mark Penn, 2015, 3/5
Why liberalism failed, Patrick Deneen
Utopia for Realists: The Case for a Universal Basic Income, Open Borders, and a 15-hour Workweek, Rutger Bregman
How Asia Works, Joe Studwell
Poorly Made in China: An Insider's Account of the Tactics Behind China's Production Game, Paul Midler
What's Wrong with China, Paul Midler
400 Million Customers, Carl Crow
Age of Ambition, Evan Osnos
Out of Mao's shadow, Philip Pan
Stubborn Attachments, Tyler Cowen
The Next Africa, Jake Bright, Aubrey Hruby
Africa's Business Revolution, Acha Leke, Musta Chironga, George Desvaux
Success in Africa, Jonathan Berman
Dancing in the Glory of Monsters, Jason Stearns
Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Thomas Piketty
Capitalism without Capital, Jonathan Haskel,‎ Stian Westlake
The Devil's Financial Dictionary, Jason Zweig
A Template For Understanding Big Debt Crises, Ray Dalio
How the Economic Machine Works, Ray Dalio
The Future of Capitalism, Paul Collier
Why Nations Fail, Daron Acemoglu, James Robinson
The Wealth and Poverty of Nations, David Landes
Stubborn Attachments, Tyler Cowen
The Wealth of Networks, Yochai Benkler
Economics for the Common Good, Jean Tirole
Stone Age Economics, Marshall Sahlins
The Upside of Inequality, Edward Conard
The Millionaire Next Door, Thomas Stanley,‎ William Danko
The Bottom Billion, Paul Collier
On the Brink, Henry Paulson

Sociológia a história

Opuštěná společnost. Česká cesta od Masaryka po Babiše, Erik Tabery, 2018, 5/5 ⭐
Tyranie: 20 lekcí z 20. století, Timothy Snyder, 2019, 3/5
Stručná historie téměř všeho, Bill Bryson
Prisoners of Geography, Tim Marshall
Slovensko v 20. storočí, Ľubomír Lipták
Medzi Slovákmi. Stručné dejiny ľahostajnosti od Dubčeka k Ficovi alebo Ako som sa stal vlastencom, Martin Šimečka