2018: Yearly Review

Being a freelancer is not easy

Sometimes you feel like walking in the Sahara desert. Everywhere you look, there is only sand. Sun shines on the horizon and you would kill for a drop of water.

Other days you feel like an astronaut in the middle of the asteroid shower. You do your best, but no matter how hard you try, there is always a decent chance to be hit and seriously damaged.

In my case, it was the second option

I was jumping from one project to another, working from 6 AM to 12 PM, not paying attention to the things more important than work. I neglected my hobbies, friends and even my loved ones.

Even though I was the most productive and most creative in my entire career, working under stress took its toll. I stopped being happy.

Now comes the time when I have to admit:

I made a mistake. I simply took too much stuff. Too many projects I had to coordinate. Too much creative work. Too much administrative burden. Too much everything.

That’s why I decided to resign from my job as a creative marketeer from my projects at Spoteee and Gradient Labs. It was a hard decision. I loved the projects and more importantly, I loved the team — it’s probably the nicest people I was working with. And in one of them, I found a mentor I could learn from.

But I need to move on. And start paying attention to the things that actually matter.