Crowdxrux | How to Raise $1,953,898 With a Massive Crowdfunding Campaign

May 3, 2021 8:22 PM

You’re about to learn how one team raised $1,953,898 with a massive crowdfunding campaign.

Their Kickstarer campaign raised $654,557 and then they transitioned onto Indiegogo, where they went on to raise an extra $1.2 million.

But, this story isn’t just success, success, success.

I spoke with the crowdfunding consultant, Ivan Zatko, who worked on this project, and he had a scary revelation to share.

While this initial campaign was a massive success, the second campaign he worked on was a failure…

Even though the team raised more than $50k on Kickstarter, the team ended up having to cancel the fundraising campaign. Why!?

You’ll discover the answer, and more, on this podcast episode!

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