Grit & Hustle | 100% success rate on crowdfunding

May 3, 2021 8:13 PM

100% Success Rate On Crowdfunding w/ Ivan Zatko

WHO IS IT? Ivan Zatko from Brno, Czechia

WHAT IS THEIR SIDE HUSTLE? Ivan recently turned his side hustle of helping individuals and companies launch crowdfunding campaigns into a full-time gig as a Kickstarter consultant.

WHY SHOULD I LISTEN? Ivan shares how he got interested in crowdfunding and how that led to him turning his side hustle passion into a full-time career and how he is getting featured in top publications like Forbes.

HOW WILL IT HELP ME? If you think crowdfunding could be in your future, you’ll want to listen to the step-by-step outline that Ivan gives to launching your campaign. You may want to listen to him since he has a 100% success rate with his clients!

WHERE CAN I LEARN MORE ABOUT THEM? You can check out his website here.

WHEN DID IT AIR? April 1, 2018

SHOW NOTES In this episode, we talk about Ivan’s personal crowdfunding project The Zurnal. You can find out more about that here. It’s not in English