Aká je moja motivácia? Tento text som napísal pre seba v deň, keď som začal podnikať

Toto bol list sebe samému v deň, keď som zložil štátnice a začal som 100% podnikať. Keďže pomohol už nejednému známemu, rozhodol som sa ho zverejniť.

No more excuses

I will never use the sentence “I can’t work full-time because I have to study” again. No more student parties. No more student discounts. From now on, I need to provide enough money to live on my own and this freaks me out.

It’s like I am standing at the edge of a cliff. I can feel the adrenaline pumping in my veins as I am about to fall down every second.

I could probably get a decent corporate job right now

Yeah, for the first several years I would need to work like a slave and get used to all the overtimes my boss would “voluntarily” make me take. And after some time, I would climb a corporate ladder, stop being a slave and start being a slaver.

At that time, I would probably become an asshole that would earn enough money for a brand new Tesla and a pricey apartment downtown.

But what’s the cost?

Would I still have my integrity? Would I still enjoy life? Would I still have a loving wife waiting for me to come home? I am not so sure.

There’s also this other way...

It has more obstacles. It requires additional effort. Extra training. Working on myself when all my friends are traveling around the world. And the results are in no way so sure-handed.

The times will come when I start questioning my abilities. Times, when I will be broken emotionally and (quite possibly also,) financially. Times when I will have 100 reasons to quit.

At that time, I will need to think of a single reason why I should continue. And that’s why I am writing this manifesto — so I will remember why I started all of this in the first place.

It’s time I stop being a student. It’s time I start being an entrepreneur.